The Busy Blogger


SUMMER 2013 will be remembered as the summer for weddings, reunions, traveling to weddings, traveling to reunions, hospitalizations (my mother,) rain, rain, and more rain, garden produce and more garden produce, heat and humidity, and large, sweet peaches. Had nobody better stop me from drinking sweet tea poured over a glass filled with ice, and strong, steaming black coffee because I will never write another blog post if they do.


3 thoughts on “The Busy Blogger

  1. Yeah it kinda makes me sad that summer is ending. 😦 Course, we have about 6 more weeks of summer weather and heat and humidity so until that goes away, I guess we still have summer.


  2. You look like a combination of your mom and Gaylord on this picture. Couldn’t deny which family you are part of, that’s for sure!


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