CHRISTMAS CARDS FOR SAEED International Campaign

This is a reblog from Voice of the Persecuted. Please remember to pray for this incredible mission that God’s will may be accomplished and that no one would sabotage it with foolish messages. Do The Right Thing.


VOICE OF THE PERSECUTEDhas organized an International Christmas Campaign Mission, along with his wife, Nagmeh Abedini toREMEMBER SAEED ON CHRISTMAS.
American pastor Saeed Abedini, a U.S. citizen has been imprisoned in Iran for his Christian faith, since September 2012. Practically without representation, the Iranian government sentenced Pastor Saeed to eight years in prison after convicting him of “undermining” the government by spreading his religious beliefs.
Saeed had previously worked with house churches in Iran. In a previous detainment, the Iranian government had Pastor Saeed sign a document promising he would not proselytize. He claims he has upheld his side of the bargain. Having a heart for orphans, in 2012 he was visiting family and organizing board members for a government approved orphanage that he was starting for Iranian children regardless of their faith.
Pastor Saeed has endured psychological/physical torture, because he will not deny his Christian faith. These beatings have caused him to suffer internal bleeding, while medical care was withheld for months. The treatment he finally did receive has been very minimal.
In a new upsetting development last month…

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