Jeremiah One: The Young and Faithful Prophet

I’ve done what serious and successful bloggers know not to do – take a long break from posting. But I’m neither a serious or successful blogger in the cyber sense of the word. My only reason for blogging is to share Jesus and to encourage others to consider Him, too. Sometimes though, blogging for others has to take a back seat to caring for my family. My father died last fall and my mother came to live with us over the holidays. Blogging seemed quite a ways down on my list of priorities while she was here.


Many years ago, when our four children were quite young my husband and I made a commitment to always put them first in our priorities. That decision was based on Scripture and served as a guiding policy many times when we may have been tempted to sacrifice their overall good for lesser things, such as the opinions of others, or church-related activities, community involvements, and of course, personal pursuits or conflicting schedules and events. As our convictions became comfortable to us, that commitment to family extended to our parents and other extended family. Hence, my long absence from


During these past weeks my daily devotions have been spent reading, contemplating and weeping over the Biblical book of Jeremiah. I won’t go into detail to share what I’ve found within its chapters and verses, but share just enough to whet your appetite to explore the book yourself.


Chapter One:

Jeremiah was sanctified for the particular task of taking the truths of God’s Word to very evil and stubborn people – BEFORE HE WAS BORN!

When God shared His vision for Jeremiah’s life,
he was afraid.
He was young.
He was emotional.

But he was obedient.

His message rang with clarity to
Root out,
Tear down,
Build up,



2 thoughts on “Jeremiah One: The Young and Faithful Prophet

  1. GOd still used you in your absence from blogging. Your testimony in action spoken louder than any printed word. Your family’s needs were those things that were needful at that moment. God can and does use everything we do. It is hard being a “Mary” in a “Martha” world but God loves us in spiite of ourselves.


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