Jeremiah Three: Yes, It Can Get Worse

Can things get worse when things are already bad?


What’s worse than broken vows?

Sex with rocks and animals.
Idol worship.
Fake religion.
Whores performing their trade in public places.
Self- aggrandizement.
Exploiting the poor.
Wholesale treachery.

And worst of all, death threats to anyone speaking against it.

The sunny days of Israel seem nearly past because their deeds were evil.


God uses the metaphor of the marriage relationship to drive home His love for His People, the Children of Israel, to whom Jeremiah was preaching.

What he had to say was astonishing! Once divorced, the old law forbid couples to reunite, but God said if His beloved people, would repent of their sins and return to Him in obedience and submission He would take them back – as a righteous husband would take back his adulterous wife.


God gives the wicked Children of Israel a visual of what a reunited marriage would be like:

• Unity
• Peace
• Dependable leadership
• The presence of God
• a pleasant land
• A goodly heritage
• Integrity
• Honor
• Humility
• Salvation through Jesus Christ

God doesn’t show favoritism but in every nation the people who fear God and obey Him are acceptable to Him.” Acts 10:34,35. (My paraphrase.)



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