Jeremiah Nineteen: The Pitcher

Jeremiah took an exquisitely beautiful clay pitcher, possibly from the potter’s shop that he had visited and related about in chapter 18, and took it to the garbage dump to give a presentation to the people.

He raised his voice and told them their sins were beyond grievous! They were abhorrent! In God’s nostrils, their prayers, that had once been like sweet smelling incense, reeked worse than the garbage, with the stench of their rebellion. They had become so degenerate that they were sacrificing their children in evil, satanic fires. They were like live cremations! Judgment would come upon them, he told them, and broke the beautiful clay pitcher to demonstrate how God would break their nation!


In 586 B.C. the Babylonian army, under the rule of Nebuchadnezzar, invaded their land and took the people captive. During the siege food was so scarce the people resorted to cannabalism, exactly as Jeremiah had prophesied they would.

(You can read more about it in 2 Kings and in Lamentations here and here.

Sin is serious business. It will eventually bring us pain, suffering and the righteous judgment of God.

However, all is not lost. Today is still a good day to turn your life over to the Man of Galillee, our Savior, Jesus Christ.



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