Honey Island in Louisiana

Unless you've not seen the news in the United States in the past 24 hours you are shocked at the terrible protests that took place in Charlottesville, VA yesterday. It wouldn't have been at all necessary, but then – most violence isn't.

My mind goes in many different directions at once – spinning in confusion and hurt. From way back almost in the dustbin of long ago memories comes a humorous remark that my uncle used to make, "If everybody just knew how to get along like I do everybody would get along."

But in all seriousness, the truth of the matter is, there are no solutions to solving our political differences except through the power of the Holy Spirit. A change of heart is a change on the streets.

The bayou in southern Louisiana.

Tears & Prayers,


One thought on “Charlottesville

  1. Glad to see you writing again, Jewel. This post rings so true. It’s not the president, or the politicians, it’s men’s hearts.

    I’d be interested in your response to a link I put on Facebook recently. It was originally posted by Anne Graham Lotz and is the message by a Steve somebody. He talks about the coming eclipse and it’s relation to Scripture. It’s about an hour long but worth the listen! I appreciate the Spirit in which he speaks.

    Have a good Lords Day!!

    Love, Joan

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